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  • i need 22 more credits to graduate. i swear to god i thought it was way worse. i might actually be able to graduate on time and if not, i can at least walk in the ceremony and complete the credits over the summer. :’)

    Angelina Jolie’s dress was an expression of her kids’ creativity: Luigi Massi, the master tailor at Atelier Versace, sewed dozens of designs from her children’s drawings into the dress and veil.

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    But what's so wrong about being short and wanting a tall guy 😔 lol I'm 5'1 and I see all these posts on twitter talking shit and I be like ....damn lmao

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    if a nigga 5’7 with every quality you desire and  100 million in his bank account yall gonna be like nah im good too short

    But actually, this is totally me. I’ll be damned if my future husband isn’t at LEAST 5’10 and I’m only 5’1. LOL.

    My boyfriend’s 5’11 and ugh, so close yet so far to 6’0. 

    Tall guys are the cutest with short girlfriends, duh!

    😑😒 you can’t even tell the diff between 5’11 and 6’0 standing next to someone 😂 but your boyfriend is at a disadvantage

    Tf? Stay In ya lane ✋ you 5’1 and want someone that’s 6’1, he can’t even see yo ass without you being on a step stool. Why u want a tall nigga anyway? When y’all stand next to each other y’all gonna look like the AT&T bars. Talkin bout can “you see me now? How bout now?” Like leave the tall boys for tall girls #StayInYaLane2k14


    Hey my guy is 6’5 and i’m 4’11

    *blinks* ^^^

    Be looking like he’s your dad taking u too pre-k

    im 5’8 and my guys 4’3…. #TallGirlsWithShortGuys 

    lmao i’m 5’1 and my last three boyfriends have been either 6’1 or 6’2. tall niggas are where it’s at. i’m tryna eliminate the short gene from my blood line. no sense in my spawn suffering through jumping to get shit off the top shelf and tall people resting their arms on their heads. shiiiit, i’ll be goddamned!








    i don’t believe tabasco is hotter than sriacha, they’re like the same level of heat

    they go by scoville, not mouth feel, the peppers matter more than the final product i’m assuming.

    Cholula is my shit

    Tabasco is hotter than Sriracha? Really? I would never have guessed. Texas Pete is my shit though.

    Siracha is my life.

    But where is Louisiana hot sauce?

    Tabasco my shit, hands down hotter than sriracha, and Louisiana hot sauce ain’t hot at all

    i swear my allegiance to frank’s and cholula, but it’s definitely other good sauces that aren’t up here

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    U.S. Mother Gives Away 5-Year-Old Adopted Child From Haiti For Throwing Temper Tantrum

    "Having an instant multicultural family was magical for about two weeks,” says Stacey Conner, a 41-year-old American mom from Spokane, Washington.

    After she volunteered in an orphanage in Haiti in 2005, Conner and her husband adopted a 5-year-old Haitian boy named “J.”

    Conner claims the boy had attachment disorder and began a strict regimen of attachment parenting of constant surveillance in which a child must often ask for food and water. After two months, J threw a tantrum where he unintentionally hit Conner’s nose with the back of his head.

    Conner says the 5-year-old’s strike was accidental, but describes it as “a domestic violence situation. Forget love. Right then, I didn’t even like J.”

    J was sent to live with another family in the Midwest. Conner’s biological children adjusted seamlessly to life without their adoptive brother. But other people were puzzled. Neighbors who had seen J riding his bike asked, “Where’s your son?” When Conner answered truthfully, “I’d get the most horrified stares, so I’d keep walking. And I didn’t tell many out-of-town friends or extended family for months.”
    Despite such events, the Conners were approved by local social workers to become a foster family, and in October 2013 received a 3-month-old boy as their first placement.
    Sources: [x] [x]

    white people will let their white kids karate chop them in the throat and call them names in public, but a black child becomes naturally upset after you treat the kid like a grown criminal/animal and you just give them away. go it. sounds reasonable.

    "i’d get the most horrified stares"
    wonder why

    white people are monsters

    the devil isn’t white. white people are just the devil.

    But isn’t that racist too to call white people names just because some might not be the best human beings around? Insinuating that all white people are evil, or the devil, what’s the difference between you and this woman then? Please do grow up. Hate can never be cancelled out by more hate….it just creates more problems. So stop with the racist name callings regardless of the race you’re talking about, just saying.

    Ah, yes. Stop calling your oppressors names and the oppression will end. Flawless logic. Show me any where this says all white people are x. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

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    yooo i go on instagram and i see a post from spookwrites and it’s a picture of these three boys holding a noose down in ferguson. apparently, they found it when they woke up this morning just laying out in the open.

    smh white people are just on some bullshit right now

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