2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Ankh mumbosauce&rockcreekpeach

girlsjustwannahavefunds said: Stop. That. Shit. RIGHT now!

why?????????? that’s an easy $7000

yooooooooo i’m bout to sell my eggs. i’m tryna get that $7000 compensation out here.


- Transparent Princesses match your blog background! -

if you find that they look cool on your blog you should send me screencaps so I can see too 

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why is my life so hard?


"Let me be quiet"
- a bitch ready to say something mean (via collectionof-paradoxes)

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white people buying happy 4 hunnit times a day on itunes pharrell cant be associated wit u illegal downloadin ass coons

he that new black



when u boutta prove a bitch how wrong they are


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Racism is not ended by being nice. Nice is an attitude. You could be nice to your slave. Racism is not an attitude; racism is about power. 

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