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So one of Y’all needs to remind Kathryne Beth Perry that she is not FKA Twigs.


She not even cute like.. Tf. FKA Twigs is everything. Katy just stale mayo trying too hard.

where her eyebrows??????




speak on it!

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i’m cuter than all the other bitches i seen that this boy talk to.

sometimes i feel like he be talking to him because he know he cute. the girl i dun seen today…she not ugly…but she ain’t nothing special and she’s openly a gold digger.

i’m definitely cuter than her and she pressed. she came over with a quickness when she saw him all hugged up on me. then after that, he tried to act like he don’t know me till she left. i’m not gon be no side bitch ever, but especially when i know i look better.

i’m making a smart decision to not go out with him but i still feel some type of way. he’s so damn cute but he know that and that’s the problem. :/


Grip her booty, her thighs,and her titties grip all that shit

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i can’t believe i really considered talking to this nigga for a quick minute.

every time i go in the store, it’s some random girl talking to him. this time, one of em work in the damn pharmacy.

he was really lingering around me until she came to the front acting like she was gon do something. like excuse me, bitch. get “your man” in check because he been tryna get at me since last summer and he been touching all on me and shit.

she ain’t even all that cute, for real. and neither is the other girl he talking to. i wonder if she know about her because i sure do. smh